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Why go it alone on a bespoke B2B platform when you can market and sell multiple brands on an intuitive and aggregated platform designed specifically for the wholesale marketplace and supported by Retailers globally. Make it easy for yourself and your Customers.

Market Globally

Expand your reach and grow fast. Upload and market brands, releases and products within minutes to a targeted, global Retail community in the native language and domestic currency. Desktops, laptops, tablets… All you need is the internet to access a world of opportunity and maximise efficient growth.

Market & Educate

Digitise and streamline information dissemination. Populate digital marketing and educational assets into a centralised cloud-based library accessible to your Retail customers to maximise your brand exposure and product education.

Integrate & Automate

Access a comprehensive API and CSV integration suite servicing the world’s leading ERP’s to automate the flow of information and streamline order capture and inventory exposure to your Retail customers and Sales team.

Engage Virtually

Collaborate and thrive in the new digital world. Empower customers to engage real-time and collaborate with your team to buy and sell more in a tailored, 24/7 virtual world catering for sales, marketing and education.  

Customise & Report

Access expansive reporting grids featuring Excel based data tools to manipulate data into a myriad of customisable reports. Know where and when to strike with accuracy. 

Try a Different Approach

Try a different approach and automate the production of printable catalogues and launch releases faster. Better still… Digitise catalogues, reduce sampling, engage in virtual selling and reduce your carbon footprint while increasing profitability. It’s time to move forward.  

Trusted by World Class Brands

Your Product, Our Technology. A Powerful Team!

The global wholesale marketplace is changing fast and a direct B2B connection to your Sales and Retail partners is imperative to remain competitive. The Brandscope platform employs state of the art digital technologies based on proven wholesale techniques that facilitate immediate engagement with your customers and drive profit. It’s an opportunity to take the future head on and feel comfortable knowing that you’ve got the fire power to maximise your competitive edge in a challenging world.

Agents & Reps

Time is No Longer the Enemy

Servicing an independent Retail base is a resource hungry and expensive exercise. The Brandscope B2B trading hub streamlines and expands your market reach so you can sell and market more products to more customers in less time. Surpass Supplier and Retailer expectations and be the leader of the pack.


Revolutionise the Way You Buy Brands

Scoping out and buying Brands takes time. Brandscope brings the Brands to you on one platform bursting with online tools that will revolutionise the way you find, buy, market and administer products in your store. Engage with a portal that provides you with information when you need it and in a format that streamlines your administration to get products onto the floor or website quicker. Empower yourself while making life easier.


Best in Market Buying

Collaborative Buy Plans

Buy Plan or “Suggested Order” technology empowers all Sales and Retail users to work collaboratively in real-time to build the best order in the shortest time. The feature also allows Sales users to view “footprints” as Retail users view products providing targeted sales leads.


A four click order tool which facilitates re-orders on at-once products across multiple catalogues. QuickFill is the fastest reorder tool on the global market and has the capacity to increase sales by over 20%.

All the Tools You Need

Count & Fill Stocktake

Capacity for Sales users to create “static” and “dynamic” stock models for individual Retail users to automate in-store refills for concept areas and product stands. The feature ensures that the right product is available at the right time, all the time.

Brand Story Telling

Comprises multiple features focused on branded story telling at multiple levels (e.g. Division, Collection, Category, Gender) to ensure that brand themes are comprehensively communicated to guide effective buying.
Intuitive Flow
Brandscope is easy to use because it’s modelled on the traditional sales and marketing flow for pre-book, refill and specials ordering. We’ve merely digitised established wholesale processes to ensure Supplier, Agent and Retail users engage immediately with ease.
Digital Asset Manager
Cloud-based digital asset library featuring automated folder storage hierarchy and automated export for marketing and educational assets, B2C and POS load files. Empower your users to quickly access relevant assets to promote your brand on their social media and B2C platforms.
Sophisticated Pricing Module
Automates the pre-book and in-season refill incentives, establishing dollar or unit triggers which reward the Retail user with percentage or flat dollar discounts. The module also features Price Book technology ensuring that individual buyers see their incentivised price at product and currency level. It’s the ultimate pricing incentive tool which can be linked to an expiry date to drive maximum impact.
Generate high resolution, printable and digital catalogues with an array of splits (e.g. Division, Collection, Category, Gender) to save on pre-production and printing costs and incite Retail buyer commitment to your brand.
Global Marketplace
Pitch your brand to a targeted group of focused Retail buyers who are actively searching for products within a specific distribution channel and ensure maximum return for effort.
Market Segmentation
Empowers Suppliers to segment products into Categories, Collections or Divisions within releases at Retail user level to broaden distribution in cluttered markets with complete control. The feature ensures that Retail users view relevant products at all times.
We Integrate With the best

Happy Customers all Around the World

“Getting the right Retail partners in volume viewing our brand and making it super easy to order is paramount to our growth. The Brandscope platform is the primary driver of our team and trading partners being empowered to achieve this. It’s a potent tool for any Supplier or Distributor.”
Peter Caldwell, Hectic Limited Europe
“The wholesale environment in 2020 was incredibly challenging. Launching Brandscope has enabled both our pan EMEA retailers and sales teams to remain connected, informed and most important place orders seamlessly during a period of time face to face meetings were no longer possible.”
Myles Hutchins, Stance Europe
“B2B is an essential tool to remain competitive in today’s wholesale marketplace. The trick is finding a tool that is both easy to use and sophisticated. It’s a tightrope that Brandscope has achieved as the people that built it have spent a lot of time on the road learning the ropes. The system just flows.”
Dougall Walker, Firewire Surboards Inc.
“Tools like Brandscope herald in streamlined and cost-effective engagement for the betterment of the industry. The global pandemic has hyper-charged the urgency of digitisation in an effort to communicate better. We need to grab these opportunities as an industry to strive forward.”
Mitch Birt, Pure Fishing APAC

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